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Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes have been lighting up stages with their high-energy brand of multifaceted Americana music since 2011.  Seamlessly welding folk, blues, country, Broadway, and rock’n’roll into a smart, rootsy, compelling sound, Scott and the band join it with a razor-sharp wit to seek out the humanity in moments of love, rage, and despair.

Through six years and two albums (2014’s Life on Fire and 2016’s Welcoming the Flood), they have earned rave reviews, airplay, and fans on festival stages and in listening rooms throughout the Northeast. They are NERFA Formal Showcase artists and Falcon Ridge Folk Festival "Most Wanted" artists. Their tight arrangements, wicked sense of humor, and big catchy sound make each show a true experience.

With their infectious love of music, lyrical imagery, and Scott’s unconquerable voice soaring above the rich counterpoint laid down by Kirk, Matt, Mike, Chris, and Skyler, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes set toes tapping and imaginations humming everywhere they go.

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  • Official Formal Showcase Artist - NERFA November 2016
  • Most Wanted – Falcon Ridge Folk Festival - March, 2016
  • Welcoming The Flood Debuts at # 15 on the Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Alternative Folk Album Chart - February, 2016
  • Unloved Daughter Debuts at # 14 on the Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Alternative Folk Song Chart - February, 2016
  • Played 54th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival - July/August, 2015
  • Grassy Hill Emerging Artist Showcase – Falcon Ridge Folk Festival - July, 2015
  • Life on Fire #55 in the Roots Music Report most played Folk albums of 2014
  • Life on Fire #162 in the Folk DJ-List most played Folk albums of 2014
  • Official Quad Showcase – NERFA - November 13-16, 2014
  • Life on Fire debuted at # 60 on The Alternate Root’s Top 66 Intl Airplay Chart
  • Official Showcase – NJ One-Day NERFA - April 5, 2014
  • Life on Fire debuted at #28 on the FolkDJ Chart - March
  • Life on Fire climbed to #8 on the Roots Music Report Nationally - March 28, 2014
  • Life on Fire climbed to #2 on the Roots Music Report for New Jersey - March 28, 2014
  • The Backseat and Me debuted at #2 on the Roots Music Folk Song Report Nationally - March 28, 2014
  • Nothing to It climbed to #17 on the Roots Music Folk Song Report Nationally - April 11, 2014


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“This band doesn’t hesitate to ignite like a match on their fiery second collection, Welcoming The Flood. Listen to these dudes…these people are magicians…wizards…"
John Apice No Depression
"Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes is a talent-laden band. They're equally comfortable going electric or acoustic, and Welcoming the Flood is full of well-crafted songs that reveal new insights with repeated listening."
John Platt WFUV
"Welcoming The Flood is the next step in the evolution of Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes. The sound is fuller, the band more expansive and the songwriting is witty and intelligent.This is the best SWAOH project yet!"
Joltin Joe Pszonek Radio Nowhere
“The band’s happy, full sound is infectious. Scott Wolfson’s voice is silky with an edge. The future of folk rock is here.”
Cheryl Prashker Former President and Board Member of Northeast Regional Folk Alliance [NERFA] / Percussionist for RUNA
“...Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes, a remarkable band from the folk Mecca of Jersey City. Their inspiring set, the last of the afternoon, had everyone on their feet singing and dancing in a spontaneous celebration that summed up what the one day conference was all about. Music that reaches people. Music that is shared. A community that raises their voice as one.”
Ron Olesko WFDU/Folk Music Note Book, Sing Out!

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