Arlon Bennett and The Healing Project


An Americana/folk-pop songsmith, Arlon Bennett delivers timeless vignettes and melodies that recall Harry Chapin and vintage James Taylor, but with an eloquence, emotional honesty and style all his own. A three-time finalist in the Kerrville New Folk Competition and twice selected by Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul & Mary fame) to perform in his Music2Life Showcase, Arlon recognizes the power of music to reach people. He might let you eavesdrop on a conversation with a Vietnam veteran, go on a bus ride with Rosa Parks, or enjoy a red light kiss on your third date.  Arlon is never afraid to experiment and push his boundaries. His song “Be the Change” from his Summer’s Voice  CD, garnered top national airplay on folk radio.

Arlon’s recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease just makes him want to sing louder through it all! He has been performing as The Healing Project, with John Sonntag on guitar, Gordon Roehrer on bass and RT Miller on percussion. Arlon’s goal is to keep making positive music that helps heal others from their own challenges and to help raise awareness. He is a warrior in the fight against Parkinson's and The Healing Project is his total effort to heal. His latest CD, World of Possibility , is a testament to that end, with the hope of inspiring others.

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“Filled with universal truths, ‘World of Possibility’ is a joy to listen to… It’s definitely Arlon’s best effort to date...”

Richard Cuccaro Editor, Acoustic Live! in NYC and Beyond

"Arlon's songs ring true, whether he's writing about the personal or the political. The result is inspiring."

John Platt WFUV

Music Player